Symposium “Road to Reality” at the UvA IAS

Sponsorship scientific Symposium “Road to Reality” at the UvA Institute for Advanced Study, 22 January 2019. Interdisciplinary science event aimed at the advancement and dissemination of science in general and mathematics in particular. Includes video-recordings with Dutch subtitles for general audience, for example future students.

The Dutch translation of Sir Roger Penrose’s monumental book “The road to Reality: a Complete Guide to the laws of the Universe” will be published. On this occasion, we organise a symposium with the author, followed by the book presentation.
The main topic of the day is how the physical, mental and mathematical worlds are connected, as postulated in the “Three Worlds Model” by Sir Roger Penrose. This topic will be discussed from a new and unique perspective of complexity science.

Foto’s van het symposium:
Interview met professor Sir Roger Penrose door Roel van der Heijden:

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