Mentor network

The EWM-NL network is aimed at all female scientists who need advice on things related to their mathematical career, such as balancing family and a career in science, networking with other scientists, getting further in your career.

We would like to stress that the network is open to all mathematicians, women AND men, senior and junior scientists at all levels!

You can sign up to the network and based on your stated preferences and common interests, you will be matched to a more senior mathematician whom you can direct your questions to, via email or in person. As often as you both feel comfortable with.

If you would like to request a mentor, please fill in this form.

Of course we also need more senior mathematicians to fulfill to role of the mentors. If you would like to support a junior mathematician in their career by giving advice and sharing your experiences, you can become a mentor.

If you would like to be a mentor, please fill in this form.

The EWM-NL mentor network is in collaboration with NWO-EW. For questions you can contact

This mentor network is loosely based on that of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM).

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