Dutch Mathematics Community Event

The Dutch Mathematical Community Event is an annual event to bring academic mathematicians and people from industry together. Where the Netherlands Mathematical Congress is devoted to mathematics broadly, the Community Event is specifically targeted at mathematics that is specifically developed for solving problems in industry and government.

The 2022 Dutch Math4NL Community Event

The first edition of the Mathematics Community Event featured a wonderful presentation by Stella Kapodistria. She is assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, where she is part of the Stochastics operations section. In her keynote speech “Weapons of Math deduction” she explained how fundamental research can solve industry problems.

During the grande finale of the Best Thesis in Applied Math Award three finalists presented their theses after which the jury will selected Daniel Gomon as the winner for his work on early identification of quality problems in transplantation surgery for the LROI (Landelijke Registratie Orthopedische Implantaten). Read more about this Award here.

But the main course of the day was obviously the interaction during the breakout sessions. In small groups, participants got to meet like-minded people, share ideas, and get inspired.

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