Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics works to harness the power of mathematics for tackling challenges in industry and society. The committee connects companies, government, research institutes and academic mathematics researchers to jointly extend and apply mathematics for solving real world problems.

Per January 2022, the Innovation Committee created a self-sustaining organization to serve as an ambassy of Mathematics in the Netherlands. This new organization, called Math4NL, will help anyone who is looking to find mathematical experts to help with practical problems in business and society. Math4NL also organizes various events to strengthen the community of mathematics practitioners in the Netherlands, to spread mathematical knowledge and to raise awareness of the potential of mathematics.

Activities of Math4NL, the ambassy of Dutch mathematics

Study Group Mathematics with Industry, an annual event where a large group of mathematicians from Dutch Universities collaborate on solving challenges posed by companies.

College tours for professionals, a series of lectures by outstanding Dutch mathematicians to share the latest mathematical developments with people from industry, government, and societal organizations. College tours are announced through the website of Math4NL.

The Math4NL Community Event is an annual meeting to bring academic mathematicians and people from industry together to inspire each other and to forge relationships.

Activities of the Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee itself is now active on a more strategic level, building high-level relationships with people involved in applying mathematics for challenges in industry and society and doing promotion activities to highlight the power of mathematics.

One of these promotion activities is the CWI Best Thesis in Applied Math Award, which is an annual award for the best thesis (both MSc and BSc) of a mathematics student on research that was done in close collaboration with a company or government organization. It highlights the broad range of applications of mathematics as well as the great value that mathematics has to offer.


The Innovation Committee maintains close ties to comparable groups in Europe. We actively collaborate with the Applied Mathematics Institute (AMI) of the federation of Dutch Technical Universities (4TU). Abroad, we are actively engaged in the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN), with the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) and are in regular contact with MATHEON in Germany.

Comittee Members

  • Mark Roest, chairman (VORtech)
  • Benjamin Sanderse (CWI)
  • Alessandro Di Bucchianico (Eindhoven University of Technology), secretary of the board of Math4NL
  • Bram van den Broek (Fontys)
  • Diederik Fokkema (EY)
  • Vivi Rottschäfer (Leiden University and VU), chair of the board of Math4NL
  • George van Voorn (Wageningen University & research)
  • Solveig van der Vegt (NWO, advisor)
  • Wil Schilders (director PWN, Eindhoven University of Technology, advisor)


The Innovation Committee can be reached through email at or through the website of Math4NL.


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