The conference Equadiff 2019 will be organized in Leiden in the Netherlands, in the period July 8 to 12, 2019.

Aims and scope.
Equadiff is a biannual series of large international mathematics conferences centered around the broad theme of di fferential equations – one of the most widespread mathematical modelling tools throughout technology and the sciences. The central aim of each Equadff meeting is to provide an extensive overview of the state of the art of the mathematical fi eld of di fferential equations in the broadest sense and to give international experts a platform to present their latest results on analysis, numerical approximation and applications of di fferential equations and to stimulate the exchange of ideas between researchers working within varying subdisciplines. In fact, in the last decades, Equadiff has developed into the world platform for active international exchange of ideas on all mathematical aspects of the rapidly expanding and evolving field of diff erential equations.
Even more importantly, the Equadi ff conferences also act as guides for the novel directions for the development of the fi eld. Emerging themes such as topological data analysis and the dynamics of and on networks, but also the fruitful cross-fertilizations between the fi eld and the earth sciences – the Mathematics of Planet Earth – will be central topics of upcoming Equadiff 2019 conference.

All information: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/equadiff2019

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