NWO Team Science Award for ‘Hugo de Groot’s bookchest Team’

An interdisciplinary team of researchers consisting amongst others of mathematicians and computer scientists, have been awarded a NWO Team Science Award for their research on the Hugo de Groot book chest. In this project, the question ‘Is it possible to determine which of these chests, if any, is the original one in which Hugo de Groot escaped Castle Loevestein?’ was investigated. The results show how a question from one field (art history) can lead to a novel technique in another field (computational imaging). The NWO Team Science Award is an important recognition of the value of interdisciplinary teamwork. Read more.

Team members with the Hugo de Groot Bookchest. From left to right: dendrochronologist Marta Domínguez Delmás (UvA), mathematician Francien Bossema (CWI) and furniture conservator Jan Dorscheid (Rijksmuseum).

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