NWO ENW Prizes 2021: also for mathematicians

NWO Domain Science Prizes 2021: nominate your candidates now!

The NWO Domain Science (ENW) awards five special scientific prizes in the areas of societal impact, team science, diversity and communication. The aim of the prizes is to reward scientists who make an outstanding contribution in these areas and inspire others to do the same. All disciplines within the physical and natural sciences are eligible. Nominations can be made until 15 June, 2021, 14:00:00 CEST.

Athena Award: The Athena Award rewards female researchers that stand out, and because of that are role models for others.

Communication Initiative Award: The Communication Initiative Award rewards initiatives of successful and inspiring science communication by scientists.

Diversity Initiative Award: The Diversity Initiative Award rewards initiatives related to the improvement of Diversity and Inclusion on the work floor in (natural) scientific disciplines.

Stairway to Impact Award: The Stairway to Impact Award rewards scientists who take effective steps to utilise their scientific findings to tackle a societal problem and/or to make an economic contribution.

Team Science Award: The Team Science Award rewards the most inspiring and successful team of researchers from various disciplinary fields, who jointly take on a scientific challenge in which their individual strengths and expertise demonstrably reinforce each other.

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