Incentive Grants for Women in STEM

Please note the incentive grants for women. Not yet published, but ready to come.
Inclusion and diversity are important to science, both in terms of its quality and impact. In the Netherlands, women make up only a small percentage of the workforce in many science and engineering disciplines.
The more senior the position, the smaller that percentage becomes: just sixteen percent of science professors and fifteen percent of engineering professors are women (source: The Dutch network of Women Professors’ (LNVH) 2019 Monitor). Two ways of correcting this imbalance would be:

  1. To increase the inflow of women. To this end, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) has established an annual budget to fund additional Veni grants for women in science and technology.
  2. To reduce the outflow of qualified women. That is the purpose of this grant-based funding scheme: Incentive Grants for women in STEM. 

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